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Topic: Acupressure Points for Shoulder Pain TCM

Shoulder pain is frequently caused by muscle stiffness and back tension. Damaged joints & deteriorated cartilage also can play a role. Shoulder pain discomfort is typically concentrated in one area of the Shoulder, although it can sometimes be distributed. Rigidity or spasms are common symptoms of this type of discomfort.

Anyone can be affected by this frequent joint condition. The cartilage, ligaments, tendons, nerve, and shoulder muscles can all cause pain, and the shoulders, blade, Arm, neck & hand can all be affected.

Individuals have relied on reflexology & acupressure to cure Shoulder pain for ages. Acupressure is a technique that involves massaging and stimulating specific areas of the body to alleviate health problems.

 Continue reading to learn more about pressure spots (points) that may help you ease Shoulder pain.

What are the leading causes of Shoulder pain? 

You can get Shoulder pain due to many other types of causes. Some of them come as follows:

Inflammation around Shoulder. Here your shoulder part might become hot, red, swollen. It also gives the pain and a natural reaction to an infection or injury.

  • Damage causes to muscles part of the Shoulder can lead to pain.
  • Strain at the muscles of the neck and Shoulder.
  • Torn in blood vessel
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Dislocated type of Shoulder
  • Heart attack can also lead to shoulder pain
  • Injury in the spinal cord
  • Bone spurs. It is the bony type of projection that develops along the edges of the bones.
  • An injury due to the overuse of the bones.

Symptoms of the Shoulder pain 

There can be many reasons for shoulder pain. Each of the factors comes with a different symptom. Depending upon your cause, you might experience another type of symptom. It comes as follows:

  • Pain caused in the deep shoulder joints. It might come up in the back or front of the shoulder part. Sometimes, the pain might persist for a longer time, catching pain. The doctor might diagnose your pain depending upon the location of the shoulder pain.
  • Reduction in the movement of the Shoulder. Also, it might lead to pain when getting strain in the shoulder part.
  • Weakness felt in the Shoulder or the upper Arm. According to the condition, you might feel the joint slipping out and back into the joint.
  • The sensation caused the pins and needles with the burning pain. It comes as a similar situation attached to the neck and shoulder nerves.
  • Lack of motion after the injury of shoulder dislocation. It is because of the server pain caused in a particular part. You might become symptomatic to complete rotator cuff in this situation.

Pressure points for shoulder pain are provided below

1) LI 15: LI 15 is also known as Jiyan yu or Shoulder Bone 


Location: To locate this point for pain relive you have to keep the hand straight, Normally found in the depression near the top of the Shoulder.

Functions: Clears Heat, Wind, & Damp; Maintain the channels.

Indications: Inflammation and Pain in the shoulder area, limited shoulder movement

Treatment: Using your thumbs on each point, massage the area for some minutes using firm and deep pressure to remove the shoulder pain.

2) SI9 — Also known as Jian Zhen


Location: Found below and posterior of the Shoulder joint, located just above the axillary fold.

Benefits:  Scapular region Pain, Shoulder Pain.

Treatment: We should massage the area using our thumb or any fingers. Stimulate that part using firm and deep, circular motion for some minutes. After that is done, do the same thing on your other Arm. This should alleviate your shoulder pain.

3) Jianqian


Location in the middle between the axillary fold and L.I.-15 Jianyu 

Actions: Remove obstructions from the channel. 

Expels Dampness and Cold.

Indications: Shoulder Pain

Treatment: Using your thumbs on each point, massage the area for some minutes using firm and deep pressure to remove the shoulder pain.

Conclusion of Acupressure Points for Shoulder Pain TCM : 

You should undoubtedly make use of acupressure for curing shoulder pain, and it will let you get aware of mobility relief. Here are some methods that will take some time to give results. But all of these work without any medicine and great efforts. Here we concluded our topic, Acupressure Points for Shoulder Pain in TCM.

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