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Acupressure points for Fainting

On the way back to my home, i encountered a lady who was fainted and lost consciousness. The basic approach what many think is to splash water, but me, with a good knowledge acupressure, helped the lady to revive to her conscious state and it was nothing short of a miracle for others. You can also deploy this practice if you find yourself or someone around you in the same situation.

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People are often seen trying to bring the epileptic patient to a sensation by sneaking a shoe in the event of a seizure.  Nature has replaced many such treatment points in our body, by giving treatment to which not only the patient of epilepsy, but the unconscious person can be brought to consciousness for any reason other than accident – without any medicine,  Without any injection, without any expense and without any side effects.  These points are –

Acupressure points to cure fainting

1. Depression under nose

Acupressure points for Fainting

  With the index finger or thumb, press the depression under the nose. It’s worth noting that the pressure applied should not be continuous but in a stroking fashion. When this procedure is repeated for a period of 2 minutes, the fainted person will start to gain the consciousness. This is also helpful in the cases of low blood pressure. This action will improve blood pressure, resulting in recovery.  

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2. Point on the earlobes

Acupressure points for Fainting

    If the above method doesn’t do much, then press against the earlobe as indicated in the image above. Incase of a female subject, earrings may be removed for a better approach.

3. Point situated on the foot soles

Acupressure points for Fainting

    If the person is not back to his senses, then the point indicated above in the image should be pressed. If the seizure occurred due to high blood pressure, this point is helpful.    Other issues that might be which this point cures are the following  

  • A child gets scared while sleeping at night.
  • The uterus of women is turned upside down (Uterus prolapse).
  • Sunstroke (sun stroke).
  • Urination stopped.