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Fast Treatment of Insomnia through Acupressure points


Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder in which a person tries to fall asleep, but he is not able to succeed in it.

Is insomnia really a disease, it is characterized into two parts on the basis of time period.

(a) Acute Insomnia

(b) Chronic Insomnia

(a) Acute Insomnia

     If a person does not sleep for a short period of time like if you have an exam tomorrow or you have to submit a project or give a presentation.  Maybe you have a very important meeting tomorrow, then you will spend the whole night thinking about it, due to which you would not able to fall asleep.  Then this temporary short time inability to fall asleep is called Acute Insomnia.

(b) Chronic Insomnia

      If a person has not been able to sleep for a long time and his every night is passing like getting up three or four times at night and looking at the clock then this becomes a chronic insomnia.

Do you know there are two types of chronic insomnia

(1) Primary Insomnia

(2) Secondary Insomnia

(1) Primary Insomnia

      It has no connection with health condition. It is caused by general reasons like –

      — traveling

      — jet lag

      — upcoming exams

(2) Secondary Insomnia

      It is just the opposite of primary insomnia.  The reason behind this is a health issue when we take medicine or if we have diseases like Asthma, Diabetes, Depression, etc. due to which there are chances that we would have Secondary Insomnia.

Let’s talk about the reason of all types of Insomnia :-

 — Depression

 — Alcohol consumption

 — Sleeping pills

 — Anxiety

 — Poor sleeping habits

 — Medication

 — Diseases

 — Excessive workout in the late evening

 — Excess intake of Caffeine

 — Eating heavy meal before bedtime

Symptoms of Insomnia —

— We feel tired all day

— Lack of concentration

— Short temper

— Decreased ability to think

— Repeated sleeplessness at night

— Our dependency on sleeping pills or alcohol

Even though we know the causes and symptoms of insomnia, still we do not change our habits and live our life the way we are living like using phone before bedtime.

Well, you have noticed the one thing that most of us sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning due to which our biological clock gets disturbed and which further promotes insomnia.

So what can we do ??

 — Do not drink water 1 hour before bedtime so        that we do not have to wake up again and              again at night.

 — Eat light food at dinner

 — Try to sleep on time

 — Avoid excessive caffeine

Along with all this we should use Acupressure which will help us a lot. Acupressure is a very useful treatment for insomnia. We perform acupressure daily than our Insomnia problem will be cured.

Let me share with you some Acupressure points.

Treatment of Insomnia 

(1) Gv19

     This point is located under the thumb nail.


You can find this point easily all you have to do is to press it under the thumb nail as shown in image where you will feel pain is the required point. Give pressure daily.

(2) UB52


If you are not able to sleep at night and spend the whole night changing your side. So this point can be a boon for you.

(3) Cv6


This yin shows lack of energy which makes old people sleep very little. If we give pressure on Cv6 daily at bedtime then they will sleep well.

(4) Liv10                                                                    


  If a person tries hard to sleep at night, but he does not sleep then by giving pressure at this he will fall asleep.    

(5) Another point of Insomnia is located on our foot.  If we daily give pressure on this point then our Insomnia problem will be cure.     

Fast Treatment of Insomnia through Acupressure points

  (6) If you are not able to find above mention Acupressure points then you can simply massage your ears. Within few minutes you will fall asleep.