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Best Acne treatment 2020 | Acupressure Points for Acne | Twelve Meridian

Acne is a very common problem. It can be developed in any age group person, whether the person’s age is 9 or 29, it doesn’t matter. It is also unbiased towards gender. I hope you get the point.


We also want to look attractive like Actors and Actresses. A clear and glowing skin is a dream of every person, but it just remains a dream. Our confidence level decreases and we fear to go exposed to the people and just remains a introvert.

Many of us wanted to try our luck in Film industry, modeling and many more. But due to lower confidence we never try a single time and we just remain what we are.

If you are an adult then you might have listen to the taunts of relatives like “who will marry you”, etc etc.

People start giving us the opinion that by doing this home remedies it will  be vanished. We try all this but we got no results.

We also start surfing on the Internet to find something that would be useful for us and helps us to get rid from acne. But nothing works on our face and we get frustrated.

We visit doctor and start medication. We spent a lot of time and money but we didn’t get very good results.

I have also gone through this phase and tried everything. If anyone told me anything, I would do it too.

I had read in some book about Acupressure that by doing it anyone can get rid of any type of acne whether it is blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. 

I was surprised how a small point can treat my problem which i was facing for a long ago. But i tried this and seriously i got a very good results. And now i don’t have an acne problem.

For acupressure you don’t need any equipment or degree. You just have to give pressure on that particular point by your thumb such that you feel a distinct pain. And if you give pressure by a Acupressure probe then it will be like “Icing on the cake”. 

Acupressure point for treatment 

The Acupressure point is K2 in the middle finger towards the ring finger. For more clarity you can see the image.

Best Acne treatment 2020 | Acupressure Points for Acne | Twelve Meridian


You will be amazed after seeing the results of just a small point which can change your life then you will never have to face any confidence related problem and you will feel more confident then before.

What’s the best thing is you can perform these Acupressure point at any time and anywhere. You don’t need any particular time or place to perform this.

Without spending any penny of rupees you can get amazing results.

Don’t worry there are no side effects of Acupressure point. You can apply points without any tension.

What is Acupressure 

Acupressure is an ancient medical practice in India. It’s not new it is performed more than 5000 years. 

There is no use of drugs in this medical system. We can treat ourself without taking any medicine.

It is relatively easy to learn and practice this healing method through it.  

The human body is made up of the coordination of five elements and acupressure is based on the principle of ‘energy’ related to these elements.  

In fact, “acupressure is the process of balancing the energy system by applying pressure on the human body to the point of needle equal to the tip of the needle on the healing points identified by philosophers and scientists.”  Acupressure multi-modal medical practice: