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Best Acupressure points for Cough

Let’s learn some acupressure points to cure cough so that we can treat our cough just by pressing them.

Ever since the era of Corona virus has started we would have been scared in the name of coughing. If anyone suffers we feel, as if he has got corona virus and start making distance from him. So today we would discuss on this topic.

What is Cough

A cough is a sudden burst of air to clear the throat from unwanted irritant and to clear the airways.

There are many reasons of Coughing :-

  • Smoke  
  • Fumes  
  • Pollen   
  • Dust  
  • Medication   
  • Lung diseases like Asthma and COPD  

There is a thin layer of mucus in the lungs and lower respiratory tract. When you inhale irritant like fumes, smoke, etc which gets stuck in the mucus lining your airways. Then cough receptors send a message to the Brain about irritant. And then brain again send a signal back to the muscles of chest and abdomen to rapidly and forcefully take a deep breath in and out so that the irritant may remove. This whole process is almost instantaneous and very effective.

An occasional cough is a normal healthy function of your body. But a persistent cough one that does not go away, is not normal. Any cough that last more than 8 week should be treated. If we perform Acupressure point regularly then we can cure all type of cough. There are many Acupressure point for different types of cough.    

(1) Chronic cough

       A chronic cough is a type of cough which last more than 8 weeks in adults and in children it last more than 4 weeks.  

Treatment —

      The acupressure point for this type of cough is found at very bottom edge of the thumb nail .You can easily find this point by giving pressure from acupressure probe or anything which has narrow mouth. Do this 4 to 5 times everyday.  

(2) Dry cough

        Dry cough is a cough which does not produce mucus. In this cough, it feels like there is a tickle in the throat.  

Treatment —

Best Acupressure points for Cough

Acupressure point for dry cough is found on the thenar (protruding portion) of the hand. This point is Cv16 which you can see in image.

(3) Spasmodic cough

        This is a type of cough in which the cough is accompanied by spasms. When this cough occurs, you have trouble breathing  and you experience shortness of breath or breathlessness.  

Treatment —

Best Acupressure points for Cough

There are two acupressure point for spasmodic cough, which is found on the back side of palm. These two acupressure point are Gv10 and Gv11. These  points you will find in the thumb extension. The location of these points are next to each other.

(4) Barking cough

       This type of cough is mostly found in children, but in some rare cases, it is also found in adults.   when this cough occurs person is not able to sleep at night and he cough all night long.  

Treatment —

Best Acupressure points for Cough

 The acupressure point of barking cough is located near the index finger. To find this acupressure point Lu1, you can use acupressure probe through which you can find the exact location of  point. When you press this point near the index finger. You will feel pain at a particular spot. This will be  your required point. Doing pressure 5 to 6 times per day and you will feel relief in your cough.