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Acupuncture is a natural science, philosophy and rational method of therapy based on inbuilt mechanism provided in the human body by the nature.

Treatment is given by acupressure, acupuncture or oxidation at defined location in the human body are called Acupoints or Shu-xue-xue Points.


Shu means move, transfer, transport or induce the bio energy (Qi) and the body Fluids  (Xue) and it includes supplying bio energy at the location where these are deficient from the location where these are in excess in the human body thereby balancing the energy and fluids.

It includes moving the  stasis, unfastening the impediments and occlusions and correcting the contraventions and flexuses, all with the help of :

    (a) Four Diagnosis

    (b) Eight Guiding Criterias

    (c) Six Excesses

    (d) Seven Emotions

 the basis of treatment is the “Five Element Theory”.

Qi is the vital energy or bio-energy or ki or chi or prana, which runs in the human body and the whole cosmos.

The body fluids (Xue) include water blood, lymph, cerebro spinal fluid, sweat, stool, urine, air, saliva, sperm, ova, hormones, chemicals, synovial fluids, tears, ear wax, breast milk, mucous, phelgm etc.


Bio energy is received in the human body in two ways :-

First, the earthly energy which is received by way of food, drinks, air etc.

Second, the heavenly energy (stems) which is received from cosmos.

The heavenly stems are received in the human body constantly through various acupuncture points from time to time, which forms the base of the time acupuncture.

Bio-energy is of two types :-

    (1) Superficial bio-energy

    (2) Deep bio-energy

(1) Superficial bio energy

      It works mainly in the superficial part i.e. not in depth of human body. Organ clock is the base of moment of energy.

 Superficial energy moves from lung to large Intestine —> Stomach —> Spleen —> Heart —> Small Intestine —> Urinary Bladder —> Kidney —> Pericardium —> Triple Warmer —> Gall Bladder —> Liver —> Lungs. Hence lungs is mother of Large Intestine and Large Intestine is mother of Stomach and so on.

(2) Deep bio- energy

     It works mainly in the internal part of the human body. The deep bio energy works as per “Five Element Theory”.

For example.  The Liver is the mother of the Heart hence, if there is deficiency of energy in the Heart, in rooted energy problems, tonification/sedation etc. of Liver is done as per “Five Element Theory”.

Bio Energy or Body Fluids maybe

  — Repletion (Excess)

  — Depletion (Deficient)
  — Stagnant (Stasis)
  — Contravection (Anti-Flow)
  — Impediments ( Obstructions)

    Chinese Concept of Disease 

    Life is of two types :-

    (a) Orthopathy (Ease) 

          All physical activities as per rules are simple, straight and easy is called Orthopathy.  
    Such as – sleep, excreta – urinary excretion naturally occur on time.  This causes harmony and balance in both body and mind. The body begins to feel depressed and energy decreases. There is exhaustion and impairment in the body.  It is not called disease.  Old age is a natural process.

    (b) Hetropathy (Disease)

          When physical processes begin to run contrary to the law, it is called Hetropathy, discomfort or illness.  
    For example, the time and duration of sleep decreases and increases, excretion of excreta is not in time and increases.  If this process is not done in the body as per rules, it is called Hetropathy.  
    The reason for this is the decrease in the amount of energy and the amount of body fluids in the body, or changing the operating route or operating period, stasis and impediments or reverse process. it is said Contravections.