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Open blocked nose instantly | Nasal Congestion | Twelve Meridian

Hey guys, today i am going to share with you a acupressure treatment of blocked nose.

Blocked nose, also called as nasal congestion or stuffed nose.

Have you ever been in the situation where you get up in the morning and find yourself congested and choked at the very crucial part, your nose.

Despite being a quite a small problem, we tend to get disturbed, because the way it interferes in our daily routine.

You might also have been its victim. You felt irritating and you were not able to focus on your work. You would feel suffocated and started breathing through the mouth.

In fact you also felt difficulty while eating food. Do you know that our smell and taste senses work together, if either of them is being compromised then both abate their working.

If you would try to determine the flavour of any dish without the help of your smell sense, you will not  be able to find out. Therefore, first you have to generate smell to detect the taste. This shows the interdependence of the two.

Actually the whole process is that the receptors on the taste buds of the tongue determine the flavour of something, whether it is salty, spicy, sour or sweet. The smell is detected by the receptors found in the lining of the nose. However, taste is only generated with the help of smell.

What happens in the Nasal congestion ??

— Mucus formed

— Sinus pain

— Nose choked

— Inflammation and swelling of the nasal tissue


With the help of acupressure point you can relieve from nasal congestion and opens the airways and improve the airflow.

To open a closed nose, there are treatment points on both sides of the nasal nostrils, on which the closed nose can be opened by applying pressure.


Apart from opening a closed nose, this treatment point can also be used in the treatment of some other nasal problems, such as

— Nasal Polyps

— Decreased smelling power

— Nasal bleeding

— Swelling and pain in lips