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Acupuncture points contraindicated in pregnancy

Don’t Use These Acupressure Points During Pregnancy

Massage treatment and acupressure (manipulating muscles and pressure points throughout the body) are two alternative therapies that can help relieve muscularly and nerve discomfort during pregnancy while also being incredibly calming.

Certain pressure areas, however, should be avoided during pregnancy to avoid harming the unborn baby or inducing contractions before the pregnant mother’s due date.

In this article, we will read about Acupressure Points to avoid during pregnancy. We will see about those points, their names, and why those acupressure points should not be stimulated during the period of Pregnancy.

Massages and Pedicure

One thing that has been shown to generate a lot of anxiety among pregnant women is getting a massage or a pedicure. The unfounded idea is that if a massage therapist or nail technician unintentionally presses on one of the Acupressure Points to avoid during Pregnancy, it may result in miscarriage or delivery. It is unknown if this worry is justified or not. Most women, however, forgo these procedures as a precaution.

No amount of pushing or poking Acupressure Points to avoid during Pregnancy will hurt a normal, healthy pregnancy. For example, To induce labour, the pedicurist has to press these areas deeply for many minutes at a time, quite a few times per day so that the labour process gets initiated. But this should be left to the experts who have thorough knowledge when the labour time has arrived. Otherwise, these points are better left alone.

For women who are scared of miscarriage or have experienced labor preterm, these areas should be left alone. You may feel relaxed in a massage if you know the problem points are not being massaged, which makes you feel safe.

Risks in stimulating forbidden acupressure points:

  • Blood, redness, or discomfort at the insertion locations
  • Faintness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling hot

In one research from 2014, mothers reported 322 moderate side effects, of which 302 had to do with the birthing parents instead of the child. The remaining 20 cases, referred to as “adverse fetal outcomes,” comprised newborns that were undersized according to their gestational age & umbilical cord found around the shoulder or the neck.

Though linking these results exclusively to acupressure is challenging, additional study is required in this field.

Does Acupressure Have Any Advantages For Pregnant Women?

What specifically can acupressure do to support you throughout the upcoming nine months? A rising amount of data indicates that there may be several plausible answers to this query.

You could think about using acupressure to assist you in conceiving well before a paternity test shows a positive result.

According to 2016 research

Women who underwent acupressure throughout their attempts to conceive were compared to those who attempted other lifestyle changes. The acupressure group was often birthed in less time than others, making the outcomes quite striking.

According to scientists, the women who had acupressure may have a greater awareness of their fertility and have a healthy lifestyle.

Possible Impact of using Acupressure Points to Avoid during Pregnancy

Surprisingly, researchers haven’t shown a clear connection between stimulating Acupressure Points to avoid during Pregnancy and injury to expectant mothers or the fetus.

However, acupressure has been shown to stimulate cervical change and contractions of the uterus, so see your doctor if you are worried about premature labor or even other aspects of your delivery.

Acupressure Points to avoid during Pregnancy

Sp6 Or Sanyinjiao

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Acupressure on the Sp6 location influences uterine contractions or labor length by increasing oxytocin production from the hypophysis. The SP6 point connects the liver, spleen, and kidney meridians. Based on traditional Chinese medicine concepts, this acupressure point strengthens the spleen, restoring Yin balance to the Blood, liver, and kidneys.

This Sp6 point is also frequently employed in treating female reproductive disorders, including labor induction and pain relief during childbirth. Furthermore, by lowering the neuroendocrine response to pain, acupressure reduces the growth of catecholamine, beta-endorphins, ACTH, and cortisol levels in pregnant women.

So, it is best not to stimulate the Sp6 point during the period of Pregnancy as it enhances labor. It should be best left to the experts who know when it is the right time to stimulate this point. Otherwise, to avoid any danger to the baby and other complications, the acupressure point Sp6 should not be massaged during Pregnancy.

UB67 Or Zhiyin

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According to a new study, acupressure is an excellent approach for shifting breech fetuses to the correct position for a successful vaginal birth. Five randomized controlled trials undertaken by the Department of Fetal Medicine at Hautepierre Hospital in France show that pressing acupressure point UB67 (placed on the fifth toe) is an effective method for turning a breech fetus.

Another study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine concludes that pressing acupressure point UB67 “reduces the number of breech presentations at term, thus reducing the number of cesarean sections, and is cost-effective compared to expectant management, which includes external cranial version”.

UB67 should not be stimulated during the entire pregnancy until it is time, and the super experts in this process should do that. A medical doctor should be informed too, which is why it is best for ordinary people and middle-level acupressure practitioners to leave this position alone during Pregnancy.

UB60 Or Kunlun

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Bladder 60 is around the outside of the ankle, directly below the ankle bone, and the front of the place where the Achilles tendon is located. This point is frequently utilized for low back pain since it is said to be a compelling point for expansion or opening up, generating space, and enhancing mobility in the low back.

In many areas where acupressure is standard, it is an excellent therapy for lower back pain. However, for the same reason, this position might also be deemed dangerous for pregnancy. It may cause difficulties and consequently represent a risk to the infant. Holding a pregnancy demands a lot of strength, especially in this area of the body. As a result, the Bladder 60 or UB60 point is best left alone and not stimulated or touched during the period of pregnancy. This is because Pregnancy is a susceptible and essential part of a woman’s life.

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GB21 Or Jianjing

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You probably have a tight area at the acupressure point Gallbladder 21 unless you’ve somehow avoided using the computer for the previous ten years. This is a popular location of attention for any shoulder massage, and it feels fantastic to have this area worked on. This point is thought to regulate the pelvic floor, which means it may be utilized to strengthen weak areas and reduce stress.

The risk in pregnancy is that it will induce weakening in the pelvic floor, which is in charge of sustaining the pregnancy’s weight. If you have a history of an incompetent cervix or premature labor, you should generally be cautious and delicate while operating in this region or avoid it entirely. If you are going to have a normal pregnancy, then you can have this area massaged, obviously by an expert practitioner.

It helps, especially in the third trimester. Most women are too tensed or bear too much tension in the region where the pelvis is located, which could become a source of weakness. It would benefit from using this point. However, other women should ignore this point for complications that might arise from it. If you are harboring any doubts in your mind, be sure to consult your practitioner and your medical expert.

St12 Or Quepen

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Among the various potential clinical uses, it may be thought to affect the following issues/symptoms: Shoulder ache (esp. that radiates to the neck). Tightness/pain in the neck and throat, cough, qi counterflow, painful and swollen throat (rebellious lung qi). Internal ST meridian branch joins here straight from the Stomach, Spleen, and Diaphragm – tonify middle warmer.

This spot, However, the area should not be rubbed or agitated during Pregnancy. It might have or bear negative consequences, harm both the mother and the kid, and cause problems in the delivery process.

With this, we are coming to the last acupoint of our article acupressure points to avoid during pregnancy

Li4 Or Hegu

pregnancy contraindicated acupuncture point, li4 or hegu acupuncture point, twelve meridian

Large Intestine 4 is the final ‘forbidden point’ for pregnancy. This location is found on the hand, between the thumb and pointer finger, in the thicker muscle. With pressure, it is usually reasonably painful. Large Intestine 4 is utilized in various settings, but its overall Impact is to start things going. It may reduce headaches and aches in the neck and shoulders, stimulate digestion, clear clogged sinuses, and treat various other disorders.

The point’s powerful, moving characteristic also makes it excellent for moving labour and assisting the uterus in contracting more vigorously. LI4 and Sp6 are the central locations for initiating delivery or accelerating stopped work. So, for these very reasons, stimulating this point with the wrong hands and a less knowledgeable person can be fatal as it addresses a mightly sensitive point as labour pain and the labour movement. Hence, it is best to leave this point alone during the process of pregnancy.

Safety of acupressure during Pregnancy

Acupressure usage during gestation is the subject of study.

According to Trusted Source, severe reactions or difficulties are uncommon, and that acupressure is generally safe during Pregnancy. You could encounter short-lived, minor problems, such as temporary soreness or swelling at the acupoint.

There is substantial debate over whether acupressure sites should be avoided during pregnancy since they might have adverse effects. The currently available research demonstrates that the prevalence of problems, including miscarriage, preterm labor, and early uterine rupture, is the same as in groups who did not undergo acupressure.

Is the trimester crucial? No, not always. Practitioners provide care to patients before conception, during the three trimesters, & then after delivery.

Always consult a doctor before taking acupressure for any conditions. Otherwise, regardless of how bad or distant from your deadline you are, therapy at an acupressure center that holds a state license should be safe.

Conclusion of Acupressure Points to avoid during Pregnancy.

If you’re considering acupressure to ease pregnancy-related worries or for your general well-being, consult a doctor first.

Your doctor might recommend a local Acutherapist who specializes in pregnancy for you.

We have discussed acupressure points to avoid during Pregnancy. And the benefits of these acupoints. We hope you liked our article. If you have questions about acupressure points to avoid during Pregnancy