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Top 7 Acupressure Points for quick relief in Toothache

You have a toothache and also you don’t want to visit to the doctor.

The reason may be the fear of coronavirus or may be their is no dental doctor near your place. Am i right ?

So what should you do in this scenario ?? Don’t worry. In this article i will share with you some very effective acupressure point which will give you instant relief from your toothache.

You would be very familiar with how it feels to have a toothache. A very intense pain in and around your tooth.

Sometimes, along with toothache, fever and ear pain also happen to you.

You do not even sleep at night and your whole night passes in groaning pain.

Even if you go to the doctor, then he may give you a list of medicines. These medicines will not immediately bring relief to your pain, it will take some time to effect.

It is also possible that these medicines have any side effects on your body. While acupressure does not cause any side effects.

Through these acupressure points, you will feel relief immediately. You do not need to spend any penny.

Acupressure is so simple and effective that you can perform it whenever and wherever you want.

Just you have to give pressure by your thumb or finger tip at the required point. Through which you can cure any of your diseases.

Therefore, the treatment of our diseases is within us. Now, let’s learn required acupressure points for toothache. So let’s get started.

Acupressure Point For Toothache

(1) Li4

li4 or Large Intestine 4 acupressure point is also known by the name of He Gu. This point is found near the meeting point of bones of first finger and the thumb i.e. in the union valley.

Li4- acupressure-point-for-toothache

This acupressure point is typically used in treating toothache. But there are many other benefits of this point like it helps in headache, sore throat and many more.

(2) St6

Stomach 6 or St 6 in short, is known by the name of Jiache in Chinese language. The English translation of Jiache is Jaw bone. The location of this point is one finger width anterior and superior to the angle of the mandible.

St6- acupressure-point-for-toothache

Applying pressure firmly on this point may relieve you from toothache. This point is also used to decrease jaw pain, swelling and inability to chew.

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(3) St44

St44 or Stomach 44 is also known by different names in different languages like in English it is known by Inner Court and in Chinese the name of the same point is Neiting.

The location of this point is proximal to the web margin between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones.


This point helps in clear the heat from the Stomach meridian and also helps in resolve damp heat in the intestine. This ultimately helps to get rid from Toochache in the upper jaw, facial pain, sore throat.

(4) St7

In Chinese we called Stomach 7 or St7 as  Xiaguan and the English translation of this point is Below the Joint.

This point is located on the face just one finger width away from the tragus  in the depression between the zygomatic arch and the condyloid process of the mandible.


There are many benefits of this point like you can relief from your lower jaw toothche, tinnitus, deafness.

(5) K3

Taixi is the Chinese name of K3 or Kidney 3. The English translation of this point is Supreme Stream.

This point is located immediately behind the inner ankle bone.

K3- acupressure-point-for-toothache

The benefit of this points are Tooth pain, Vomiting, Lower back pain, Sore throat, Insomnia Deafness, Palpitation, Asthma, Impotence, Relieve frequency of urination, Fear.

(6) Li1

Shangyang is the Chinese name of Large Intestine 1 and Metal Yang is the English translation of this point.

This point is found on the radial end of the index finger and 1 finger distance away from the corner of the nail.

Top 7 Acupressure Points for quick relief in Toothache

The benefits of this point are Toothache, Sore throat, Fainting, Numbness at tip of the index finger.

(7) GB20

This pressure point is known as Fen chi in Chinese language and Wind pool in English translation.

The location of this  point is at the end line of skull where the head muscles meet the neck muscle or we can say that it is situated between two large vertical neck muscles.


The benefits of this point are in Toothache, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Cold, Weakness, Dizziness.