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Effective Acupressure Point for Common Cold

The cold is a viral illness which last more than a week almost 8 to 10 days.            

A virus is not an organism. That’s why it can not reproduce itself on its own.  It can only reproduce by infecting a host cell. The same occurs with cold virus. It also needs a host body to spread.

Cold virus such as rhinovirus and coronavirus are enter into the body through various sources.

When you touch surface which has the virus on them and then touch your nose, eyes, mouth. The virus may enter into your body.

You can also get cold when you comes into contact with someone who already has a cold.

When an infected person sneeze, virus gets into the air and when you breathe it enters into your body.

There are also chances to get cold, If your body is incapable to adapt the environmental changes.

The eyes, nose, mouth and airways are all connected with each other. Virus can pass through these tubes and cavities to cause the symptoms of a cold.
There are some symptoms of common cold :-

— Fever

— Headache

— Sore throat

— Coughing

— Runny nose

Top 5 Acupressure Points to Cure Common Cold

(1) GB 20



 The name of this point is Fen Chi.


The location of this point is at the end line of skull where the head meet the neck muscles. This point is between two large vertical neck muscles. Apply pressure firmly so that it hurts a little bit.


Along with cold, this point is also beneficial in Headache, stuffed nose, Dizziness, Weakness in the body, Shoulder pain.

(2) LI 4



This point is known by the name of Hoku. It is frequently called Union valley.


You get this point very easily. This point is found at the backside of your palm. it is just beyond the bone meeting point of Thumb and First finger or we say that you would find it in the depression of V-shape area. Apply pressure on this point such that you feel pain.


There are so many benefits of this point like Headache, Shoulder pain, Neck pain, Abdominal pain, Fever, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Toothache, Sore throat, Cold, Menstruation problems.

(3) GV 14



Da Zhui is the name of this point.


The exact location of this point is just below the seventh cervical vertebrae in the depression of the spinous process. It is almost at the shoulder level.


This point is beneficial in treating Cold, Fever, Cough, Stiff neck, Epilepsy, Asthma

Give pressure firmly clockwise and anticlockwise.

(4) UB 12 and 13



They are known by the name of Feng Min and Fei Shu respectively.


The location of these points are on the back of the body. They are found right side of the vertebrae of the spinal column. UB 12 is almost parallel to the shoulder while UB 13 is just below the UB 12 pressure point.

Give pressure on these points and you will feel a little bit pain.


These points are beneficial in Common cold, Cough, Fever, Headache, Neck stiffness, Back pain.

You do not have to use all of these points. Using just one or two of them whenever you have a free hand can be effective.